That earring challenge paralysis

You may remember from my earlier post that a couple friends and I challenged each with a “task” to have accomplished by the next time we met. My original challenge was three new earring designs. I finally did it but I have to say I was only mildly happy with one design, and not happy with the other two. Then I was uninspired to make more and paralyzed to do anything for a few days.

I have talked before about my “sideways” approach to Polymer Clay. I still adore the medium but now sometimes find my inspiration by coming at it from a mixed media angle.

I have a rather large personal collection of earrings from 30 years ago- most of which I don’t wear anymore.  So I decided to cut them up, take them apart and see what parts might go with polymer – “repurpose” those parts along with new polymer clay bits and baubs.  Now this was exciting to me.

I’ve made 20 new pairs of earrings- here’s a few for you to see.

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