to France


cathar castles and flowering artcihokes!

It’s almost that time of year when I make my way to France to welcome the teachers and my lovely workshop participants to La Cascade. It’s my favorite time of year to be sure!


me (in the hoodies) and mom (it was cold!!)

My lovely mom (who’s 91 and an intrepid traveler) has been here with me in California and we have been reminiscing about her trip to France 3 summers ago- we had a fantastic time and she hopes to return.


my mom and I in front of La Cascade

Lots to get ready. Two suitcases filled with 50 lbs of supplies (and a few clothes)! Ideas for projects I want to make- new fabric/polymer collages. Lots of workshop samples. Gifts for friends (seed packets of California poppies perhaps).

I’m especially looking forward to this summer as I hope/plan to have more personal studio time and have been brainstorming on a new idea/project. I’ll be chatting about it off and on here.


want to make new fabric/polymer collages

Starting no later than first week in June (and as soon as we have internet up and running) I’ll be posting weekly on adventures and inspiration in this beautiful part of southern France.

Come along for the adventure!

finally spring

winternycWinter seemed long this year in many ways. I experienced the winter on the east coast and it was difficult sometimes. My hats off to all who go thru this every year. I lived In NYC for 10 years but now being in California for many years-although we can experience “winter” even in the summer on the northern California coast!- I’ve lost my winter mojo.

thbStill I had a great time teaching, meeting with old and new friends and definitely inspired by many museum exhibits and artists. The Thomas Hart Benton murals were on display at the Met and I shot closeups just to remember the beautiful color palettes.


gridjournal7My own art making has been dormant this winter too. Tho I have at least made some sketches and a few notes about future work. Have not been too sure of the next path to take. Getting in the studio- the hardest step sometimes- will be my FIRST step.

For the first time in many years I’ll have time in France to make some art! I have an assortment of supplies (but not like in California) and a small clunky sewing machine. Many times, for me, parameters- as in a limited number of supplies,resources- is when I do my best work. So we shall see!

Soon I’ll be making my way to France and La Cascade. Will be welcoming many teachers throughout the summer and welcoming the participants for my workshop with Suzanne Jenne and my own workshops. I’m looking forward to sharing good times, good food and fun art-making!

I’ll be posting weekly from France, sharing inspiration and adventures, starting in early June- please join me here!

Roll On Summer!


off to a fun start

forwebI can’t believe time is passing so quickly. I looked at the date of my last post and was a bit shocked. Tho I have been on the run. We had a guest recently from the small village in France where I teach in the summer. One of our delightful french neighbors. It was  the first time for her to visit the US and our beautiful area in Northern California. The weather cooperated for the most part so we were able to enjoy many walks in the redwood forests and along the ocean.

Then two days later I took off to teach at Cabin Fever Creative Fests. It was a wonderful week of classes- exciting teachers, enthusiastic students from all over and just an all-round great time. Many thanks to Kathryn Ottman and to all the great people I met there.

Now I’m in NYC for a bit to fill up with inspiration. I’m looking forward to creating more life size fabric collages with polymer components. here’s the first one: ALICE DREAMS OF ROSE PETAL JAM


looking towards 2015!

inthegarden5 - CopyAs 2014 draws to a close I’ve been reflecting on time and bucket lists and art ideas in my head and in my journal and how fast the days seem to tumble by now. I’ll be taking some time off in 2015 to pursue ideas and dreams and refesh my inspiration.

museum1I’ll be returning to Cabin Fever Creative Arts Fest in Laurel MD in mid February and hope to see many of you there. It’s a wonderful gathering and this year is extra special to honor Maureen Carlson. I’ll be teaching three workshops- please join me!

rattle2.jpgIN THE GARDEN OF VERSAILLES Feb 15, 2015

MUSEUM In A BOX Feb 16, 2015


ourstreetinFranceAnd I always look forward to my France adventures. This year two different workshops:

June 2-9, 2015 co- taught with Suzanne Jenne and

July 16-23, 2015 with moi.

postcardprovenceI plan to check in here often as I  hope to have more time to create and reflect on new art to share with you.

Time needs to slow down a bit for me – that’s my wish for 2015. Happy Holidays!



Indian Summer?

pyramidboxchaoscardsforweb.jpgIt’s getting towards fall now according to the calendar but this whole summer here in France has felt autumn-like. We are hoping for an Indian Summer- a local villager who seems to know these things- has assured me that in a couple days we will have a true summer!

butterfly-2forweb.jpgI’m looking forward to fall workshops coming up soon after I return to the US in Sept. In November I have two special workshops-: November 8,9 and 10th at the wonderful Creative Journey Studios in Burford GA outside of Atlanta.

Please join me for three fun days of :

The Unfolding Pyramid, Messengers and Storytellers, and Chaos Cards

Full info and pictures HERE


dayle_faces1forwebjpg.jpgAnd November 1,2 at Wild at Heart Studios in the San Juan Islands

Timeless Treasures- Exploring Polymer Clay

Ivory-beadsforweb.jpgA comprehensive workshop covering many techniques and styles

Full info HERE

Please email me if you have any questions.