New York City Polymer Clay!

This past weekend was a highlight of my visit here to NYC. A group of artists from the NYC Polymer Clay Guild gathered for the two workshops and it was my pleasure to teach them. We spent two days exploring box structures to create a Museum in a Box and also Pyramid sructures that open to reveal a surprise.

What was the best part of the workshop? For me, watching each artist think deeply and choose an idea/theme that resonated personally for them and then bringing this idea to fruition into a wonderful piece of art. And all from just kernels of technique and ideas that I offered them. They really ran with it! Thanks to ALL you lovely ladies for making the weekend a highlight of my trip to the city.

Check out Jane Riecks new Facebook page that highlights wonderful polymer clay work at:

NY Polymer Clay Jewelry and Art

indexIt’s been a treat to be back to NYC where I lived for 10 years. So much to see and do and to be inspired by. I’ve been to MOMA to see the prints and wood sculptures of Gaughin, many exhibits at the MET, other museums and galleries too. Since museums are so expensive these days, I’m happy that most of the museums in NYC offer a “free or pay what you wish” time monthly or weekly. It’s the only way I can go.

extralargeRight now this is going on- I’ve seen two!

More than 260 egg sculptures created by renowned artists have been hidden throughout the five boroughs as part of the the Fabergé Big Egg Hunt running through April 17.

CFCF -good times

sts4I just returned from a wonderful four days at Kathryn Ottman’s Cabin Fever Clay Festival. I taught there a few years ago and was so pleased to return.

The three classes I taught were shared with just lovely adventuresome students. We had a great time in Sculptural Books, Triptychs and Standing Screens class- beautiful hinged pieces,each one different  from 1-18the next and very powerful. I also taught two sessions of Creative Sparks- I so appreciated the spirit of all who took the class. Many exciting and innovative designs were created in the class.

2001-pen-lantern_tmbOn the last night Kathryn honored three polymer clay pioneers. Elise Winters, Sarah Shriver and Gwen Gibson. Each has brought such joy and passion to our community and done so much. Elise was not able to attend at theReverse_Inlaylast minute but there were lovely tributes to her. Sarah was there and we shared many stories,l aughs and compliments on her exquisite art. And for my beloved friend Gwen Gibson, many of us shared remembrances of her artistry, generosity and grace. We also had a table of her beautfiul jewelry designs and Mari Odell made Gwen-inspired beads for everyone there. Thanks Mari!

I’ll be teaching soon in NYC. Please join me for two workshops April 5.6,2014: Museum in a Box and the Unfolding Pyramid! Info HERE

NYC Here I come

75I’m very excited that my spring teaching schedule includes a weekend workshop with the New York Polymer Clay Guild. It’s been a few years since I have been with this fun group and I’m really looking forward to it. I lived in NYC for almost ten years and it is my favorite city on earth. The two clases are:

pyramidboxMuseum in a Box and The Unfolding Pyramid.

Both are chock full of technique and freedom to create a very personal piece.

We’ll cover box structures, bookmaking in miniature and other mixed media techniques in addition to polymer clay. These two workshops will delight you with interactive features and surprises of jewlery, books and small ancient artifacts.

Please come join me! April 5,6, 2014 in NYC.

While there I hope to visit old friends from my theater days. And maybe even get my feet wet with an acting class. The idea scares me but I’d like 2014 to be about new experiences.

a new year begins

sts4I’m happy to be in 2014 and experience all 2014 has to offer. This month is to get my eggs all in a row as I will be out on the road alot this spring. First up ClayFest in Laurel MD. I haven’t been for a couple years and really looking forward to teaching a full day workshop on Sculptural books,Triptychs and Standing Screens. And excited to share  my Creative Sparks class there also. There’s still a few spots left so let’s explore inspiration together.

jordanh6In late April I’ll be returning to Maureen Carlson’s special retreat center in sweet Jordan MN. This workshop will be very special- a 6 day extravaganza of Creative Sparks, polymer clay and mixed media techniques. We’ll work together with lots of brainstorming on jewelry, handmade books, art dolls, whatever your imagination comes up with. If P1110350you are looking to deepen your art, refocus it in a new direction and/or develop a brand new approach-  this workshop is for you. In addition to exploring lots of polymer clay technqiues, we’ll experience fun approaches to finding inspiration in new ways and taking your work to the next level.

Come join me- it’s going to be a very special week.

Happy 2013

Looking back on 2013 I have much to be thankful for. New friends, rich creatve times, lovely workshops and family and friends who mean so much to me.

I’m in Florida right now to celebrate the 90th birthday of the most wonderful woman I know- my mom! Here’s to you Mom- an inspiration every day of your ongoing curiosity about life and all the good (and diffficult) experiences that come your way. You are one amazing woman.

Another huge inspiration and important woman in my life passed away this year. My beloved friend Gwen Gibson. There are not words to express how much she made my life a better one- in art, in teaching, in living a full creative life- and she made my life in France a possibilty. Without her there would be no La Cascade and the special experiences I can share with others there. Her dream of a retreat for artists in France continues on!

Looking forward to all that 2014 will bring. I hope for happy workshops and sharing of the creative spirit and celebrating joy with many old and new friends.

Please check out my classes upcoming in February at Cabin Fever Cay Fest, at the New York Polymer Clay Guild in April and a special week long workshop at Maureen CarlsonP1090011‘s very sepcial retreat in MN.

Come along for a wonderful time!

Me and my mom in front of La Cascade- she came to France on her own when she was 88!