New Solo Show

I really can’t believe that it has been a year since I have posted here but we all know what kind of year it has been. I found it hard to feel creative but I did have a deadline.

The wonderful gallery that I showed at last year asked me back for a 2 month show – it opened yesterday December 1st. So I put pressure on myself to create at least 10 new wall hangings and lots of new jewelry.

I sew each of the wall hangings with bits of fabric- new and vintage. Then add beaded elements, treasure, bits and bobs, and finish each hanging with a piece of polymer jewelry incorporated into the overall design.

If you are in the area- please let me know and I will meet you at the gallery.

Gallery 120 in Largo, Florida. Dec 1, 2020- Jan 30th, 2021.

Enjoy the pictures!

2 thoughts on “New Solo Show”

  1. Beautiful work Dayle! Sure miss seeing you and hope 2021 will see us getting together. When do you think there might be classes in Durfort. I love what feels like where my heart belongs in Durfort.

    1. Oh Sandy, I have been so sad that we couldn’t see each other this summer. It was going to be the highlight of my year! YES we have to make a plan to see each other in 2021- xo

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