Street Music Festival

Last Saturday we went to a small village close by that has a yearly Street Music Festival called L’autan en Fanfare. Fanfares are large brass bands and the ones we have seen in France are outstanding. Great musicianship but with a wack-a-doodle sense of humor. There’s weird costumes and antics and yet the music is highly professional.

This festival took place in a sweet hilltop village called Saint Felix Lauragais. We didn’t quite understand what the poster and flyer described  but decided to take a chance on it.

When we got to the village a competition of sorts was taking place between two bands. There was a master of ceremonies giving each band a challenge and then the two bands would “compete” for the BEST via audience applause.

For instance, one band was given the task to create a tune and song about cassoulet  (one of the famous regional dishes here) and the other band to make a tune/song about Roquefort cheese. Each band (there were about 15-20 members in each) conferred for about a minute and then started playing and singing. It was a hoot. Then the audience clapped to pick a winner.

Another challenge was to play lying on the ground. Another challenge- fill the trumpets and trombones with water and play! What?!? Weird, funny and everyone joyful.

After these challenges, the bands played for real and we saw about 4 of them before the heavens opened up with a huge downpour.

Great music, great fun.

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