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Finally! A new post

It’s been way too long, I apologize. What with several social media options, work, play and travel, my sweet website has suffered from neglect. But I’ll be posting a few new things here over the next week.

Well, it’s finally up! Today my new solo show opens at Gallery 120 in Largo Florida. The show runs from December 1, 2022 until January 30, 2023. I made a dozen new large wall hangings for the show and a bunch of new jewelry. If you are in the area I would be happy to meet you there and give you a tour, have a cup of coffee and a chat. There’s a cute café and a wonderful bookstore too. Large wall hangings, small wall hangings, all sewn with pieces of fabric- new and vintage- beads, charms and jewelry treasures adorn each hanging!

Gallery 120 is a beautiful light filled gallery inside the Largo Library. It’s right across from the Largo Cultural Center in Largo Central Park. This is a beautiful time to visit as the trees in the park are filled with thousands of holiday light.

I hope you enjoy this peek at the show.

New Solo Show

I really can’t believe that it has been a year since I have posted here but we all know what kind of year it has been. I found it hard to feel creative but I did have a deadline.

The wonderful gallery that I showed at last year asked me back for a 2 month show – it opened yesterday December 1st. So I put pressure on myself to create at least 10 new wall hangings and lots of new jewelry.

I sew each of the wall hangings with bits of fabric- new and vintage. Then add beaded elements, treasure, bits and bobs, and finish each hanging with a piece of polymer jewelry incorporated into the overall design.

If you are in the area- please let me know and I will meet you at the gallery.

Gallery 120 in Largo, Florida. Dec 1, 2020- Jan 30th, 2021.

Enjoy the pictures!

Solo Show

My first solo show opens November 1st at Gallery 120 in Largo Florida. It will be open for 2 months, so if you are in the area please do stop by!

The gallery is large with beautiful light and I have big walls to fill! Gallery 120 is a part of our gorgeous library in Largo Central Park. It’s right across from the the Performing Arts Center.

When I looked at the space I realized how much art I would need to create, so I have spent the last several months working. I have 18 new large wall hangings . They are approximately 5 ft long and 2 ft wide. There’s a bit of variation in the size, but this is the biggest I have worked. I also will have 25 smaller hangings.

The show is called A Style for Every Story  and features my fashion designs. AND every  hanging has polymer clay and bead embellishments with a removable piece of jewelry to wear.

I also have earrings, brooches and pendants there.

I so hope you can stop by and see the show. Thanks!

Clay Out West

From Sept 30- Oct 3rd, 2019 there will be a wonderful gathering of polymer clay enthusiasts. Please join us at Clay Out West for a great week of inspiration, new techniques, creativity, new friends and fun in beautiful Albuquerque!

here’s what I’m teaching- Matisse Flowers

Reserve your spot now for the 2nd Annual Clay Out West polymer extravaganza!!
September 30th -October 3rd, 2019. Albuquerque, New Mexico.
Polymer instructors this year : Dayle Doroshow, Wendy Wallin Malinow, Ron Lehocky, Leslie J Blackford Donna Kato, Debbie Crothers.
You’ll want to grab your seat soon !
email Cynde at


Sounds boring but NO!

Revel, the larger town five minutes from us, has been a center of fine woodworking since the Middle Ages. The woodworkers here made much of the furniture for Versailles. And it continues to this day to be a place of fantastic ebinistes (fine furniture and cabinet makers).

In Revel is a museum called Musee du Bois. For years I walked by it assuming it was a boring museum. One day I finally went in and what a surprise. The museum, yes does have the history of the Revel furniture artisans.  They were  known for the quality of their marquetry for one thing. There are beautiful examples of this throughout the museum as well as exhibits showing how this exacting technique is done.

Also within the museum are temporary exhibits (they change about every three months) of  contemporary wood workers. And these exhibits have been superb. Whether its your cup of tea or not, they are always interesting.

Here is some of the art of of the contemporary artist showing there right now: the artist Francois Lacoste.