Lyon Part 2

Even tho our time in Lyon was short- we packed alot in and also left things to do in the future. I loved  Lyon and want to get back there.

A few more highlights:

These bright colored cheeses have been showing up at markets- here in Lyon and also in our local market in Revel. I’ve tried the bright green and the red ones.  The  green is a gouda with Basil. The red, I don’t remember- but it was delish! And I haven’t had the pleasure of the turquoise yet!

The new museum Musee des Confluences in Lyon is a wonder. I can’t recommend it highly enough. The architecture is a marvel and the exhibits thought provoking and marvelous. It’s hard to explain it so look at the link and I’ll also let you know we spent 5 hours there and enjoyed every minute!

Here is a “lighted dress” from the Museum.

On Monday night we found a jazz club at the top of an interesting stairway. The club is called La Clef de Voute  and is a delight. It’s free tho you can purchase drinks and even small appetizers if you wish. We did the cheese plate and a bottle of red wine.

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