Arrived! 2019

Street of the Copper Beaters-Rues des Martineurs

After a rather long trip- our flight was cancelled the day before we left – we arrived in our beloved village. We took the bus from the Toulouse airport to Revel- a town about 5 min from our village- and our lovely neighbor picked us up.

It’s a lovey feeling to see the first glimpse of our street here. The fronts of the houses face the street and the back of the houses face the river Sor.  Many of these houses were copper studios- ateliers du cuivre.  Durfort has  been making copperware since the Middle Ages and still produces today. The museum in our village has beautiful pieces from the middle ages on. The waterway down the middle of the street was used to quench the hot copper and other processes. Today we use it to chill wine!!!

A short post today as I am slowly settling in and getting the studio at La Cascade all organized and ready for the summer.

Can’t wait to share it all with those that are joining us this year!

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