Third Annual Fete de L’eau (Water festival)

Setting up the drinks booth

One of the more interesting experiences to have in a small French village- is to offer to be on one the village  festival committees! My husband and I sit on two committees – and we basically understand nothing! The meetings are fun, full of laughter and opinions and disagreements- but the conversations are so fast and filled with French slang- that most of it goes by in a blur.

adding to the flower display in the river
storyteller in front of the new village mural

There is always, ALWAYS, delish food and drink so and we just keep saying (in French)- we are here to help!!




Our friends and fellow villagers seem to really appreciate our effort  and translate the important stuff eventually!

And we have had a great time the last three years on the Fete de L’eau committee.This year was no different.

making boats

There is a feeling of chaos and disorganization (partly because we don’t understand really what is going on) but then it all always pulls together the day of. We hung hundreds of bright colored flags thru the streets and around the village square. I sang in the Fete de l’eau choir in our small sweet church. The acoustics there make an average choir sound fantastic- we sang water songs in French and English (I’m singing in the rain was one.)

our water choir
waiting for the boat race to begin

All day long were wonderful activities for young and old. Building boats out of recycled materials for a boat race down the waterways in our village, a waiter relay race –holding a tray of glasses filled with water and running thru the streets of the village. Trout fishing, storytelling, the creating of a flower art in the river by each person attending.  An art show of Water art at our village gallery. Ending with an apero for all and a pot luck dinner in the street. Here’s some pics!!

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  1. Wonderful pictures to go along with your story. What a wonderful day! I love seeing things that are happening in that little part of the world.

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