Happy Week!

This past week has been a blissful blur of activities. Everyone in my workshop arrived at the Toulouse airport safe and sound. Lovely women and one lovely man ranging in age from 21- 70! It was a seamless transition into a one big happy family.

Days were spent in the art studio (the gals) while Carl went off to photograph on his own. He found for us the most amazing sunflower field I have ever seen. We all were able to walk right into the 8-ft tall Tournesols (translates as Turn to the Sun) and take pics of each other.

The regional market on Saturday in Revel was brimming with seasonal fruit and veggies and other delights like big pans of paella, moules (fresh mussels)and bouillabaisse.This spectacular market just celebrated 670 years of a continuous Saturday Market for this region. Local farmers offering their produce, many cheesmakers coming up from the Pyrenees (Brebis is the BEST!). Crafts, Linens, baskets, clothes- everything one might need for their life.

Sunday we went to one of the biggest flea markets in the area. These gals really had the eye for wonderful treasures to add to their artwork the rest of the week.

Our chef Nese cooked marvelous meals and many dinners included joyous singing of tunes from every Broadway show we could think of! This was definitely my most musical group and what a pleasure!

Many thanks to Carl, Neala, Carol, Bobbie, Rebecca, Jeanette, Cindy, Amanda, and Johanna. I so miss you all and look forward to a  reunion one day-  Bissous!

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