Au Revoir to the Ladies

Departure day is always kind of sad. The  workshop house is full of energy, laughter, creativity and then Boom! completely silent after we take everyone to the airport. The sound of the river running behind the house as I clean the studio is soothing tho as I recall wonderful moments of the week workshop.

We had a great week. The most perfect weather ever. Sunny days but still a cool breeze. And lovely cool nights. The vide grenier (flea market) was in a small village high in the Montagne Noire (Black Mountain). We drove thru beautiful fields of rolled hay with huge cows lounging in pastures, past a 12C castle in Saissac on our way to Cuxac Cabardes.

At first glance the flea market looked small- set under trees along a pathway just below the old village. But boy! did we find some wonderful treasures. I found a set of brass ice cream forks with beautiful carved handles. Other treasures included a set of huge old French dictionaries, beautiful white table linens and linen night dresses, old French postcards and books for collage and the “find of the day”- a collapsible Top Hat from the 1800’s for 5 Euros!

Many thanks to my wonderful adventuresome and inspiring ladies- Barbara, Johanna, Pat, Jeanne, Susan, Kaye, Suzanne and Mary. I had a lovely week with you all. Thanks for all the great stories, laughter and the joy of watching you create! Miss you all!

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