I have been waiting for this day for weeks! My first workshop in France begins today. I’ll be leaving shortly(after my cafe au lait!) to go to the Toulouse airport to rendezvous with everyone. It will truly be an international group. There will be 2 ladies from South Africa, 2 from Australia, 1 from Scotland and 3 from the US. I am excited to introduce them to and share with them this wonderful area.

Last week I had the pleasure of hosting Cheryl Frasca’s bead adventurers! There were many beautiful shiny things created during the week and they were intrepid explorers of our charming area. Thanks to Cheryl and the group for being such  a joy to host!

Tomorrow I’ll take my group into Revel for us to shop at Madame Lopez’s fabric store. Our first project will be a handmade Journal that I call an Idea Collector. There will be places to stash, postcards, ephemera, fabric samples, color palettes and places to jot down ideas and to take studio notes. I expect these books will be bulging with art inspiration and ideas to go home with by the time our week is over.

Madame Lopez has the most beautiful fabrics I have ever seen along with gorgeous tablecloths, aprons, dish towels, cloth napkins and lots of unique trims. She is always willing to cut what we would call a “fat quarter” and we can use these fabrics for our handmade journal.  Check back here next week to hear more about our adventures!


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