New Mexico Enchantment

On my way home from a lovely visit to Santa Fe and Albuquerque. I hadn’t been here for four years and have really missed the unique landscapes of this beautiful area.  My wonderful friend, hostess and organizer extraordinaire, Annie Hooten, gathered a lovely group of artists to share three workshops with me.

Day One- we learned 10 different book structures based on easy folding techniques and captured between polymer clay covers.

Day Two- Messengers and Storytellers came into being in extraordinary ways. The art work these artists produced was powerful and each artist had a unique voice that shined through their work.

Day Three- Rattles and Rattle Beads– we had a great time designing art rattles and rattle jewelry- lots of time to play and design.

A big Thanks to Connie, Kathy, Beth, Karen, Cynde, Ruth, Donna, Caren,  Glo, Kate and especially Annie and her lovely man Ed.Thanks for all the fun, laughter, willingness to dive right in, and for sharing your talent and inspiration with me!

Thanks Annie and Ed for this beautiful picture  from last night and a great dinner!

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