Synergy Conference

The conference was a magical and inspiring event and my hat is off to the organizers and volunteers who made it such a seamless and exciting event! 

The conference allowed us to converse and think deeply about our art as personal expression.

For me it is striving to find  the balance and blend of

  • content and narrative,
  • fine technique and attention to detail
  • personal style

Three early ways we can start to do this:

  • Create a personal palette of colors that resonate for us indivdually
  • Pay extra attention to sides and back of pieces
  • Naming a piece early on (without alot of analyzing, but a quick thought from the heart or gut) helps me identify what the essence of the piece might be– of course, allowing that to morph and change is equally important!

Personal Color

I’m often inspired to start a new project by discovering a new color combination that I happen upon

  • in a magazine or bookquiltpinforweb.jpg
  • a piece of fabric
  • a walk in a garden

Color is one of the first ways in which we can allow our personal voice to come through our work. We each respond to different colors that resonate for us and creating with our personal palette makes our work unique to us and others.
I have a favorite color inspiration book I’d like to share with you. It’s one that really works for me as it is informative, puts color in a historical and artistic perspective and has wonderful palettes to mix that work beautifully together.

The book is Living Colors by Magaret Walch and Augustine Hope and is available here

Enjoy the beautiful spring color combination starting to burst out all over!


In preparation for my Creative Sparks seminar at Synergy, I came across a book called Creative Sparks by Jim Krause. It’s aimed primarily at commercial graphic designers but I did find some pearls.

I often get kidded about my enthusiasm for just about everything- whether it be a 3 PM piece of chocolate, a piece of indopuppetforweb.JPGjewelry, a beautiful building- my first response is usually an enthusiastic WOW!

Krause says “amazement” can be learned and cultivated. That it leads to discovery and learning . Discovery and learning fill your creative well and provides fuel for art.

I love this quote of his:

“Being amazed takes little time and little effort.”

I hope to see many of you in Baltimore in February!

The Creative Spark

Table-Screensforweb.jpgI’m in the process of fine-tuning my presentation for the Synergy conference next month in Baltimore ( The exploration and study of what creativity is and how we can spark and nurture it is fascinating.

I know for me personally, just getting into the studio, sitting down and getting my hands busy is a Big First Step.

As James Russell Lowell says “In creating the only hard thing is to begin.”

That is certainly true for me. One thing I try to do is to leave something unfinished from the day/night before such as:

  • Putting on jewelry findings,
  • drilling holes,
  • attaching hang tags

These chores allow me to start working and get my hands busy without having the pressure yet to feel “creative”. And soon after the ideas start to flow.

I leave you with one of my favorite quotes:

Let your heart race as quickly as your mind towards your next creation.


January 2008

Happy New Year! I’m excited to share with you my new website and hope that you will enjoy peeking into my Journal every now and then during the coming year. My goal is to post here at least twice a monthblossombeadsforweb1.jpg and share with you

  • Creativity ideas
  • News about workshops
  • Tools and techniques that inspire me
  • anything that I think will nurture your creative spirit

Just a reminder that I will be sharing my seminar Creative Sparks at the National Polymer Clay Guild Synergy Conference in Baltimore February 21-23, 2008. Information is at

We will have a fun time exploring ways to increase inspiration and joy in making art!

I’m looking forward to sharing 2008 with you!


PS Many thanks to Cynthia Tinapple for making this all a reality!