the week flew by

it’s sunflower season!!

It’s been just a couple days since my workshop gals left.  I want to thank these fun adventuresome ladies for a great time! Thanks for letting me share La Cascade, this wonderful area of France and studio time with you all. AND the sunflowers!

Ann Mason and the class

We had a very full week. Started off the week with a silk painting class with Ann Mason- each participant making a beautiful finished scarf. We had studio time each day, making mixed media jewelry, handmade books and some wonderful art figures/dolls.

We visited local galleries and boutiques in our sweet village Durfort, and also the Dom Robert Tapestry Museum in Soreze, the big Saturday market in Revel and a good flea market in a lovely village called St. Michel de Lanes.

incredible cathedral at Albi

We spent an afternoon in Albi and an evening at Le Tournesol Restaurant (the Sun Flower) where I have my first French exhibition going on right now.

Pictures next week of my expo.

Ladies, MERCI a TOUS! Jane, Rita, Beverlee, Denise, Sammie, Pat, Beverly, Linda, Sheeler, and Patti!

Almost FUN time

Four days and counting til my workshop gals get here! I am looking forward to a fun-filled full week with all of them.

I’ve got a surprise for them- my first exhibition in France has opened. It’s in a beautiful restaurant called Le Tournesol (the Sunflower). We’ll all be going there during the week. I’ll post several pictures next week.

And the sunflowers in the fields have started blooming- glorious!



My workshop at La Cascade arrives in less than two weeks. I’m very excited to share the week with 10 adventurous women!  Dan and I took a brief jaunt to Andorra, for a quick little getaway before the workshop.

Andorra is located high in the Pyrenees and is bordered by Spain and France. It’s about a 3 hour drive from us.  Beautiful scenery- astounding views of the mountains, speckled with wild flowers and horses and cows grazing high on the hills. The last hour of the drive is a long switch-backed climb up hill. Andorra la Velle- where we stayed- is the highest capital city in Europe! The official language is Catalan and in 2013 it had the highest life expectancy of 81 years!

The main reason we went was for a performance by Cirque du Soleil. I found the event on the  internet and it looked so exciting and the tickets ranged from FREE to 18E seats! Amazing- considering how expensive Cirque is in the US. So off we went. I also highly recommend the inexpensive and beautiful hotel we stayed at- Hotel Isard.

This new production is called Stelar. This is the fifth summer that Cirque has had a month long residency high in the Pyrenees Mountains mountains. Taking pics was forbidden at the event so I don’t have any of mine to share. Suffice to say it was awesome- a highlight of the summer.

Hot Hot London

We’ll take a little side trip from France as I had to make a quick two-day business trip to London where they were setting  record heat.  I have to admit the weather was miserable as was my hotel – it did not have AC.  The hotel itself was cute and they have BIG heaters for winter stays, but just a tiny little fan (which did nothing).

However I did have a few hours to do something fun and chose to go see the Balenciaga exhibit at the Victoria and Albert Museum- It was  WONDERFUL. Go HERE to see some highlights. I’ll share my pictures here too.

Les Butors

les butors arrive

During the summer in France (and really all the other seasons too) France makes cultural events available to ALL. Most events are free or very nominal and we have seen the best theater, dance and music here.

will she fall in love?

We recently had the pleasure of going to see an amazing  performance of The Butors. It is one of the best things I have ever seen. A combination of theater ,mime and circus.

We drove about a half an hour to the little village Lautrec where Toulouse Lautrec’s family owned a large manor house. Set up outside the village walls were benches and a ferris wheel type construction.

the courtship begins
and goes on and on

Soon a strange man wandered on the set, followed by a wild woman and the play started.  Delightful, laugh out loud funny, poignant, wonderful music and Oh that Ferris wheel- the courtship that ensued was hysterical. I ask you to enjoy the VIDEO on their website along with my pictures!