St. Augustine- coming soon!

Getting settled into Florida now and I’m enjoying seeing new things and making new friends! I returned from Miami recently and had a MOST wonderful time with the South Florida Jewelry Arts Guild. Fun inspiring students that became new friends!

Next up in  a few short weeks is my weekend of workshops at the First Coast Polymer Clay Guild here in FL. I’ll be teaching Sat and Sunday March 24, 25, 2018.

Come join me for Petals and Leaves: Jewelry From theGarden and Polymer Postcards! Full info and sign up with Peggy Ward at or call at (904)466-3160.

Happy Fall, Happy Holiday Time and onward to Miami!

It’s been quite a month downsizing into a new place in Florida.  A complicated puzzle of fitting in our furniture and artwork from our CA home- a challenge- but interesting too. Along the way you discover new things and old things that maybe you don’t love as much as you use to! I did one big studio purge before we left CA but feel another one coming on. I think I need less stuff to perhaps/hopefully be more creative!

I’m excited to let you know I will be teaching three days of workshops for the South Florida Jewelry Arts Guild Jan 19-21, 2018. I’ll also be giving a presentation on Creative Sparks and a demo at the guild meeting.

The three mixed media workshops are:

Rattles, Rattle Beads and Pendants

Jewelery from the Garden; Petal and Leaves

Messengers and Storytellers.

You can find all the  info here soon :

Please join me!

Have a wonderful Halloween, Thanksgiving and Holiday season.



End of August

It’s always a bit nostalgic this time of year- as the summer fun and festivals end and the sunflowers themselves start to droop.  August was busy and the month flew by.

We made a trip to Pertuis in Provence where there was the 19th annual  Festival du Jazz and Big Bands. It’s a “free to low cost” event that brings the best jazz/blues/swing bands together. Every night for a week there are 2 shows, the 7:30 PM show featuring younger emerging talent and then the 9:30 show features a group that has been around a while. From all over the world- American, British, French, Polish- all who love and  play the music of the 40’s and beyond.

Our favorite group this year was the ShoeShiners Band from Marseilles. They specialize in the dance music of the 1920-1940’s and they even brought with them a dance group. I wish you could have seen these French dancers dancing the Lindy Hop!  FORMIDABLE!!

And the David Hichen Big Band a group of truly international performers- British, French, Italian, Spanish, all playing full force with the joy of music making!




A little late

I should have made this post right after Bastille Day but I still want to share these pics with you. I had a lovely opportunity to share a great dinner and the evening with friends in Castelnaudary- a town about 1/2 hour from here. Castelnaudary is the home of great Cassoulet and the official week-long Cassoulet Festival!

Our friends Roger and Cheryl have an apartment right on the Canal du Midi where the fireworks for Bastille Day take place.

I have never in my life had such an unusual fireworks experience. We were safely behind glass but the fireworks were right over us! Every time a new one went up we felt like we were right inside of the sparkling shower. Of course it’s very hard to capture in pictures but here’s a few.

my Expo at Le Tournesol

Le Tournesol (the Sunflower) is a restaurant in Soreze, a charming village five minutes away, that has a single chef/owner who has been there for over 40 years! The restaurant serves lovely traditional food at moderate prices and I have taken my workshop groups there for several years. Gigi exhibits local artists and the art is beautifully displayed on the old stone walls of the restaurant. There are 5 rooms of wonderful paintings, sculptures and wall pieces.

I am honored to have my first exhibition in France there this summer. I have 5 large fabric collages (approximately 2 ft x 4 ft) and 8 small collages (9″ x 12″).

Each wall hanging has polymer clay embellishments including a brooch that comes off to wear.

Thank you Gigi and to the lovely ladies that have purchased my art this summer- means so much to me! Here’s pictures of a few of the wall hangings.