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Adios New Mexico

It’s been a good retreat here in New Mexico but time to leave.  I’ve actually hit a block in my new work anyway so the timing is good. (I’m off to FL to visit family for a couple weeks).

Altho I’m stymied at the moment as to why/where/what to do next I’m for once not feeling too panicked-( well maybe just a wee bit).  I think it’s because I am feeling good about the overall theme and excited about the big journey, that I can accept hitting this road bump.

When I get home I’ll share some of the new pieces and try to explain further where I am right now and what the problems are.  And maybe it will get sorted out a bit during the next two weeks-while I have no studio time- just thinking time!

Slowing Down

It’s been beautiful weather here in New Mexico- mild and sunny.  That makes it harder to stay put in the studio when the blue skies and unique scenery call.  But I have been plugging away at new work and feel re-ignited about the direction I am going.  I’ll share some of that journey shortly.

I’ve been relearning how to work slowly.  That’s not always possible I know well (deadlines, inventory needs, workshop samples due) but what a great gift to be able to let things simmer while I slowly contemplate the options.

I want to thank my lovely friend and computer guru Cynthia for helping me upgrade and make my website better.  Check out the revised galleries and Flickr link.  I’ll be adding new work and new France pics on the site and on my Flickr page  soon.