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A Creative 2012

I’m looking forward to 2012 unfolding and I wish each of you/all of us a creatively exciting year filled with new ideas brought into bloom. Inspiration abounds everywhere these days- in books, exhibits, online, workshops online and in person and wonderful immersion creative retreats in the US and in other countries and cultures.

My teaching year begins soon and I excited to share all I know. Come join me in Tallahassee for three days of workshops- new ideas, techniques and creative projects to add to your repertoire.  Please contact Barbara at for all the details.

I just finished a batch of new Les Fleurs brooches. These feature layered polymer clay blends with a vintage French Button gathered at the French flea markets during my summer workshops there. Come join the hunt!

Winter thoughts

It’s that time of year when things slow down for me “business-wise” and get faster “family-wise”. I wish you and yours a warm and wonderful holiday time and I look forward to seeing many of you hopefully in 2012.

My 2012 teaching schedule is now posted and I  would love to share a workshop with you.  I’ll be adding two on-line classes to the schedule soon and some other “in person” workshop dates too.

It’s a time of year for me to reflect on where I would like to go creatively in 2012. More studio time is high on my list. New ideas to develop for personal work and for new classes- its’ a balancing act I’m still struggling with.

Very high on my list also is to share the creative spirit with others.  My recent class at Maureen Carlson’s on Creative Sparks was a real joy and I hope to repeat it at her special retreat center in 2013.

I’m on the path to opening an ETSY shop with new work as soon after the holidays as possible. I’ve got the artwork done- now its just the learning curve (for me) of stocking the shop. I hope you’ll enjoy this new style and line of new artwork. Soon I promise!

For those of you I will be seeing in France- I can hardly wait for the summer to come! And I do have a spot open in the workshops- please email me for info and discount offer!

Happiest of Holidays to you and yours!

Artfest 2012

Teesha Moore’s Artfest– the fantastic mixed media retreat- will be celebrating it’s thirteenth year in March 2012! It will also be the last Artfest. Teesha is an amazing artist and entrepeneur and I know she will have new and inspiring ideas for all of us in the future.

Artfest is held in the charming town on Port Townsend. You fly (or drive) to Seattle and then cross to the island on  a ferry- you can rent a car or there is a shuttle available from the Seattle airport. Once there, we have everything we need right at our fingertips for a fantastic gathering. Food, art-making, evening events, inspiring teachers, galleries and shops in the town. It’s a rich feast of inspiration and creativity.

I first met Teesha in 2001 at  the conference Beyond the Surface. I was already a subscriber to her zine The Studio and was so excited to not only meet her but to teach at the next Artfest. I taught workshops there for the next several years, and now after a break, I am so honored to be back teaching at this last Artfest.

If you want to learn from and create art with some of the finest teachers on the planet and have a great time with like- minded creative souls, take this opportunity to come to Artfest. The dates are March 28- April 1st, 2012. It is an event not to be missed! Hope to see you all there!!!

At Maureen's in Minnesota!

It’s autumn (and a bit of winter- in the 20’s last night) here in sweet Jordan MN where I am teaching a six day workshop at Maureen Carlson’s  lovley retreat center. We’ve come together to explore Creative Sparks and to make art!

This workshop has been very exciting to me as it puts into practice what I have been exploring for the last couple years. How we get inspired and how our hands take the next step. And how our hearts, minds and hands work together to make art.

At Synergy (the International Polymer Clay Conferences- 2008 and 2010) I gave seminars on this subject- Creative Sparks and From Seed to Blossom.  Soooo…. this week has been very special to work with a group over several days and put into practice  some of these ideas. Thank you ladies!

We’ve been having fun making jewelry, books and art dolls. And deeply thinking about inspiration and influences, thinking about new ways of working, developing new ideas that might lead to a production line or exhibition piece.I’ve been in experimenting mode working on new flower designs.

I hope you will join me in a workshop in 2012 (schedule will be on this site SOON) and for your own taste of Creative Sparks, please look at my book ( by myself and Cynthia Tinapple ) at– then type my name in the search box for a 15-page preview.

New work in progress

Home from two weeks in the gorgeous mountains of NC teaching at the Campbell Folk School. While I was there I also worked hard and diligently on getting the pictures ready for opening my new ETSY store. I’ve been terrible about backburner-ing this as until recently I was on dial-up  and I also have an aversion to the learning curve involved in doing this when I would rather be in the studio making stuff! I’m sure there are many of us that feel the same way.

However in the early mornings  before class started I sat and formatted alot of pics for this “opening”. I don’t have an exact date yet for the launch but I’m hopeful it will be soon and I’ll announce it here as well as on my FaceBook page. So please check back and I’ll be offering a special sale for sure!

Here’s a little preview. Each piece is a 8 x 10″ fabric collage (ready to frame or hang) along with a polymer clay jewelry piece inspired by the fabric collage! PS I have over 50 of these creations!