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Sophisticated design

I’m stuck right now in trying to solve a problem with a new brooch idea.  The design feels very unsophisticated (I’m not even sure this is the word I want to use)and doesn’t feel solved or “right”. 

In conferring with friends and fellow artists, they asked me to define what a sophisticated design means to me.  This has been hard for me to do.  I know it when I see it but what are the qualitles that I see in a piece that make me think-“ah -a sophisticated design”.  Here’s my intial thoughts:

  • It is refined- even if there are rough unfinished parts
  • There is something unpredictable about the design- unusual technique, materials, use of materials
  • Thoughtfulness- any part of the design has been thought out and decided on-no lazy decisions
  • Pieces are edited- the piece is not necessarily spare or minimalist but again thoughtful design decisions have been made 

Next post I’ll share a few more thoughts and ways to “get there”! I’d like to hear your ideas too.

A Quick Aside

Before I continue with thoughts on studio routines and “deepening” art ideas, I would like to invite you to join me in Santa Fe for BeadFest Santa Fe.  This is an event that has been held in Santa Fe for years- formerly Bead Expo.  The classes and BeadFest marketplace are a delight, not to mention the shops, galleries, landscapes and architecture all waiting to fill you with inspiration.  Truly it is the Land of Enchantment. 

I’ll be there for the Meet the Teachers reception on Thurday night March 12th and then will be teaching two workshops on Sat March 14- Shimmering Rattle Beads and Sunday March 15th-Tribal Rattle Bead Necklace.  Please go here to get more info. You can click on the workshop tab or the instructor tab to get full details.  I’d love to share the workshop with you!

Word for 2009

I was inspired by the links on the New Years Day post on Polymer Clay Daily and decided on a word for 2009. 

My word is To Deepen– well I guess that is two words but I wanted to choose a verb. 

For me putting ideas into action is something that is very important.  I don’t really “get” things until I understand how to apply the ideas to my life in an active way. 

The same thing in making art, I don’t really understand techniques or most importantly concepts until I can do something/make something with my hands.

So for 2009 I would like To Deepen all aspects of my lifemy art, my relationships with family and friends, my ties to community, my love of teaching and sharing, and to deeply appreciate all that 2009 has to offer.

Next post, some thoughts on deepening art-making.

Studio Routine

Getting into the studio is the single most important step for me and sometimes (not always, but more than I would like) it is the hardest for me.  As I approach the new year I would really really really like to establish a habit of a good studio routine. 

Let’s first talk about getting into the studio.  Sometimes I need to psych myself out. 

One of the ways that works for me is to leave something simple unfinished from the day before. Something that is easy to do and doesn’t require any great creative thought BUT most importantly gets my hands working. For instance- putting earring findings on jewelry or pinning pins onto display cards.

Another idea is to choose a simple object– a bowl, teacup, small knicknack- and draw this object upon first getting into the studio.  Just a 10 minute simple line drawing.  Put the object in a different setting each time you draw it- on the shelf, on the windowsill, next to your light. This again gets your hands working and your creative juices going.

Lets meet back here in a few days to chat about our 2009 reflection list!

Happiest of Holidays

Greetings to you all and best wishes for a grand holiday time.  I’m looking forward to a brief hibernation time to reflect on this past year and reflect on what I hope 2009 will bring.  

I try to write on Jan 1st every year, not a resolution list, but a “reflection” list about what I hope the new year will bring.

Let’s share some of these thoughts-I’d love to hear some of yours!

For me, a good studio routine is a must.  I’ll share some ideas of how to do that in the next post.  For now, you might want to pick up the Jan/Feb issue of PolymerCAFE magazine– I have a Creative Sparks article there with some easy exercises and alot of pics to help inspire you!