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This word has been my mantra the last several weeks.  I’ve written a couple posts here about my frustration with a new line of brooches.  I’ve done many experiments and had many failures.  In fact a whole table full.  I’m not exagerrating by much.  I must have had 50 pieces of assorted parts– wire, fabric, polymer clay, beads, just laying there for the last month.  Some friends said I should drop it and just move on.  For some reason I just couldn’t do that.

A few days ago I looked at the table and said to myself, that I would sit there, assembling assorted brooches until all the parts were used up and the table was cleared.  I took the pressure off by saying (and believing) that they did not have to be good– in fact would not be good- and my only goal was to clear the table via assembling parts together.

The upshot was, that not only was it enjoyable, but I actually got a few new brooches that have possibilities!  And they have an air of unpredictability about them that I like.  The brooches are still not quite at the level I am envisioning but DEFINITELY further along on theire journey.

No pics yet- I promise next week- but here’s a pic of my creativity angel- a sculpture from Italy.

Make Room for a Pot

I had another interesting and very productive get-together with my art friends Janet and Emily.  We looked at and critiqued my “crude” piece and my “couple steps up from crude” piece (that I showed you a couple posts ago.)

We all agreed that the crude piece has a spirit about it and the other piece feels dead.  So it was a very interesting conversation about why? and how to translate that spirit into a more refined design.  This is all to say that I’m still not quite ready to show my best version yet-hopefully next week!

I am working on my next homework assignment for class- exploring Format (presenting you art in different ways).  I’m doing a book about Vessels-exploring scale and environment.  it will be a series of small paintings.  Here’s one- it’s called Make Room for a Pot.

Art Anxiety

I’m not quite done or ready to show the final piece in my Task from last week (tho I have been working hard on it!) so thought I would share with you what else I have been doing this week.

I signed up for what I thought was a monoprint class at our local junior college.  Turns out the class is mainly about using watercolors and other water media in an experimental way.  I am one of only two non-painters in the class and so it was shock to my system when I realized what the class was really going to be about!  However I decided because I was so fearful of this class that it is probably the exact thing I need to do.  So I am forging ahead.

Our first assignment- to choose a theme for the whole semester – this theme will be the inspiration for all the work we create. Mine is Vessels.

And for the first week we had to create two paintings 11×15″ on watercolor paper tacking the problem of Abstracting a Form. I made three pieces – one exploring Elongation and Exaggeration. Another, Flattening and Patterning and the last one is Fractionalizing.  It was a challenge (especially the critique) but very interesting. Here’s Fractionalizing:

(I’ll show the other two at some point- having trouble loading the pics.)

Assignment number 2 is due in two weeks- another crisis looms before me- but a good one I think!

First two pieces

As promised,  I thought I would show you where I am at the moment in my task that I spoke about last post.  I chose three mediums- polymer clay, wire and fabric and have made my “crude” piece and the one that is a couple steps up from crude.  (Still working on the “elegant” (hopefully) piece, so that one I’ll show when finished.)

Even tho the “crude” piece feels slapped together, there is still something free and spontaneous that I like.  The next piece- even tho I put more time and thought into it- feels a little too planned and stilted.

So finding that balace between spontaneous and stilted is the goal for me.  I’d like the third piece to have thoughtful decision-making involved, yet still have a sense of vitality!

New word?

I met with two friends a couple days ago.  We started discussing sophisticated design.  First of all I am now looking for a new word, as I don’t like the official definition!  I encourage you to look it up-  the word does not capture what I am trying to define. Perhaps ” natural elegance” is it?  Hmmmnnnn…. obviously I still have alot of thinking to do on this.

But the best part of our get-together – we gave each other “tasks” to do before our next rendezvous.  And I am excited to work on mine.

Task number one is to play with scale.  I have some 8×10″ work that I LOVE to make but do not know how to market yet.  Janet encouraged me to play with scale and do one either very large or very small. I think this might help me think outside the box on who the audience is for these pieces.

Task number two- Emily asked me  to make “something” (using three different mediums)- one that I would define as “crude”, one in the middle and one that I would define as “elegant’.  I’ll let you know next week how it goes!