My workshop at La Cascade is over and what a week we had! Even tho it was brutally hot, everyone was a real trooper and everyday was a joy. Treasures were found at the markets and in Albi and many beautiful pieces of jewelry, bowls, figures and books were made in our studio time together.

I had such a great time with you all.  My thanks and love for your adventurous spirits and joy to Ray, Rae, Sara, Carla, Carolyn, Kathi, Sue and Camille. I hope our paths will cross many times!

Right after the workshop Dan and I took off for a short vacation which turned into automobile hell. We had a first great day in a small village east of Avignon. We attended a music festival and the Michel le Grand trio played. He is a legendary musician and composer who wrote songs such as Windmills of Your Mind, Summer of ’42 and the score and songs for Umbrellas of Cherboug. (One of my favorite films- see it!).

He is now 86 and tho quite frail as he walks, his playing is incomparable. The energy just pours out is fingers and soul. What an amazing night.

But starting the next day- car troubles. It was a real challenge to find mechanics in Avignon- a big city we don’t know well AND on the weekend AND in August (the month when most go on vacation) AND in some of the worst heat I have experienced. What should have been a relaxing vacation turned into a real test of remaining calm and positive.

Off to the next adventure.




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