Camping in France

Almost every town (and many villages) of any size has a campground- either a municipal campground or a private one close by.  It’s very popular in France to just take off and sleep under the stars.
The French campgrounds are just great. Most of them have grassy areas shaded by big trees, a swimming pool, modern toilets (a personal requirement of mine),  a cafe, a small store and sometimes even a restaurant with evening entertainment!
Last weekend we went for the third year to Ambialet for their annual Blues Festival.  Ambialet is an especially lovely village and the campground there is our favorite.  Large trees shade plush grassy grounds bordered by rose bushes. Two other couples joined us and we had a grand time.

One couple had turned their little white truck into a cool camping car. The other couple were trying out their new tent for the first time- we called it The Palace as it has a big enclosed foyer/porch along with two separate rooms-all inside the tent!

Ours was called The Doghouse which is about the size of it. Basically big enough for two sleeping bags and that is about it. Needless to say I did not sleep great.
Ambialet is situated on the Tarn river as is the campground. It’s a short 10 minute walk along the river from our campsite into the center of the village. The festival features three bands each night along with a great meal- Confit de Carnard or grilled Toulouse sausage with fries- Yum!! 6Euros for food- music FREE! The bands were good and happy people dancing the night away!

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