Short getaways

We’ve taken a couple short getaways the last couple weekends. Part of the reason was to go further east where there is SUN! Until a couple days ago we have been deprived for days and days.

great communication between musicians

First getaway was about 2 hours away-southwest of Toulouse. A small village called Marignac-Lasclares -they have been putting on a jazz weekend called ClariJazz for seven years. We took a gamble on it and had the best time. Saw two fantastic groups and ate homemade couscous with merguez sausage (spicy lamb).

First group: Trio Lobelya– accordionist, Sax, clarinet and bass. WONDERFUL Eastern European music.

sorry about the head in the middle

Second group: Sheik of Swing– Jazzy bluesy music. Guitars, bass and clarinet

The French have such a love for blues and Jazz (and all kinds of music) and the summer is filled with free festivals all over the region.

I’ll post about our other getaway next weekend.  Lunch to prepare for 6 guests and the kitchen calls.

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