Nuit Pastel

We’ve been having crazy weather this spring. Just when finally it seems “spring has sprung”,  another thunderstorm and days of rain comes thru. Our long time residents here in the village say it is the wettest spring in 25 years! Today tho, it is beautiful and we are to eat lunch in the countryside with our dear friends Claude and Marie.

Restaurant in the Bamboo forest in Albi

A couple Saturdays ago, we decided to go to Albi for the Nuit Pastel This is a yearly event in June and we were excited to attend it for the first time.  Starting at seven in the evening, several music groups perform in the old town and you can wander from group to group all evening. Then at 11:15 PM there is a huge light and sound show at the cathedral in the central Place with enormous artistic balloons that float up into the sky.

Waiting for the Festival in Albi

On our drive to Albi in the afternoon a terrible storm came thru. But it lifted by the time we got there and the optimistic young woman at the Tourist office assured us it was just a cloud and things would be fine and go on as planned.

Dan and I found a beautiful walk thru a bamboo forest down by the river and also discovered a charming restaurant back in the bamboo forest. (Closed til mid June but a keeper for another visit).

We walked back up to the cathedral and stopped in one of the many brasseries for a bite to eat about 7 PM. Right across from us the stages were being set up and the balloons were filling with air
But then…. dark and stormy clouds rolled in.

At first everything continued on- musicians setting up, balloons blowing up and softly floating just above the ground. Over the next half an hour tho the heavens thundered and the rain poured down literally in buckets. Musicians went running for cover using their music stands as umbrellas.

The balloons sat sadly in the rain and soon the main square was empty.
Oh well, hopefully next year!

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