What a Week!

Last week flew by and before we knew it, the workshop was over. We had such a great time and made wonderful friends and rich memories. Julie Eakes,  Meisha Barbee and myself were the teachers and ten adventurous women flew to France to be with us. Gobs of beautiful jewelry was created by our talented and enthusiastic participants.
Highlights of our excursions were the Revel Saturday market teeming with gorgeous produce, followed by a lunch of the local cheeses, olives and other delights.


The Sunday flea market where Julie found an incredible doorknocker from the 12C. I don’t have a pic of it but it is similar to this.

Everyone found a treasure- old silverware to turn into jewelry, linens, playful children’s books, ancient locks and keys, espresso cups ………….
Another memorable afternoon was spent in Albi where we had perfect weather. Julie, Meisha and I along with Libby and Mags went to the Musee de la Mode Fashion Museum- which has a wonderful exhibit on Silhouettes. This museum has a new exhibition each summer and we met the man who owns the 10,000 piece collection that he has been adding to for 40 years. It’s a small museum but a must-see.
Many thanks to Julie and Meisha- love you both- and all the gals: Libby, Mags, Laura, Linda, Lisa, Nancy, Cathy, Jane, Lyn and Pat!!

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