They’re coming!

Today I’m waiting for Meisha and Julie to arrive here in Durfort for our workshop at La Cascade! Then in two days time, our ten ladies will be joining us for a week of artmaking and fun!
This past week has been a busy one. Besides getting ready for the workshop, I took a trip up to Giroussens (near Gaillac- about an hour away) to see the current exhibit at the Center for Contemporary Ceramics. It’s a small but very interesting museum in a lovely village high on a hill.

The most interesting pieces were the “spilled” teapots and teacups and the ceramic vessels that were split into sections and paired with other media- glass and wood.

There is also a lovely exhibit of contemporary amphoras. On the Amphora subject- about an hour or so away is a museum devoted to Amphoras- It’s on my list to go to.

Our village had a festival this past weekend too.The Festival name translates as Artisans and Crafts persons from another time (une autre fois). It was wonderful. Blacksmiths, our local coppersmiths, basket makers, woodworkers along with several booths featuring contemporary crafts.

One of my favorite booths was the man making beautiful wooden shoes. It’s amazing to me how many people come to a small village (like ours) to spend the day just wandering the fair and exploring our village. The cafe prepared a lovely lunch meal which we shared with friends under beautiful blue skies and warm weather (FINALLY)!

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