Berniquaut Ruins

Durfort on the left and Soreze on the right
starting the hike with lunch bag

Berniquaut is an archaeological site high on the hill in between our neighbor village of Soreze and our village Durfort. It has been inhabited since prehistoric times, over 30,000 years ago. It was a farming and a pastoral community during Roman times and was chosen because it was a natural defensive place looking out over the Lauragais valley..

There are several roman ruins being excavated each year- more than 100 structures -meaning there were several hundred inhabitants here. Eventually the inhabitants left this high spot (it was completely deserted by the 13 C) and resettled in the lower villages of Soreze and Durfort.

almost at the top!

It’s a moderate hike up to Berniquaut from our village. A graceful uphill walk of switchbacks taking about an hour. At the top you have glorious views looking down on Durfort and Soreze.

Beautiful strawberries in season right now

Dan and I took a picnic lunch and sat under trees enjoying sandwiches of Pyrenees cheese, moutarde potato chips (french mustard chips) and fresh tangerines.  Along with a slice of French Strawberry cake I had made the day before.

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