May First holiday in France

street in Soreze
plant sale in Revel

May 1st in France is the same as our Labor Day in the US.  A day to celebrate worker’s rights. It’s also a day when the big plant sale in Revel happens and is one of our favorite events to go to. We look for plants for the pots out front of the house and also for the back garden.

La Cascade

We arrived to our sweet village about a week ago. Easy trip from Florida to Madrid to Toulouse. It’s my favorite route to get here. Takes a few days to settle in fully.  Electricity must be turned on, water, hot water heater, clean and unpack, organize and get the car started!

our roses at the front of our house along with our antique copper pan

And we’re off and running. To our favorite grocery store Lidl for lots of good things- including big blocks of Parmesan (so inexpensive), cornichons, lovely breads, walnut vinegar to make my Roasted Shallot salad dressing. More about food later.








The big news in Durfort is the opening (2 weeks ago) of our new village restaurant-Le Table de Durfort.  It is beautiful! Quiet and elegant (yet casual) atmosphere and the food! Absolutely delicious.

Dan and I went with our French neighbor last Tuesday for a wonderful meal. The chef Julien has quite a resume and is a lovely man.  He came out to chat at the end of the service.

I started with an appetizer (entree) of duck confit in delicious pastry bundles with a lovely sauce. My main dish (plat) was a  ballottine of chicken in a comte cheese sauce with beautiful veggies. Soooo good. I finished with dessert- Fondant au Chocolate (molten chocolate cake) with a salted caramel sauce- to die for. The chef thanked us with a complimentary glass of champagne. The evening was magical and we are so lucky to have this restaurant in our village now.



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