End of August

It’s always a bit nostalgic this time of year- as the summer fun and festivals end and the sunflowers themselves start to droop.  August was busy and the month flew by.

We made a trip to Pertuis in Provence where there was the 19th annual  Festival du Jazz and Big Bands. It’s a “free to low cost” event that brings the best jazz/blues/swing bands together. Every night for a week there are 2 shows, the 7:30 PM show featuring younger emerging talent and then the 9:30 show features a group that has been around a while. From all over the world- American, British, French, Polish- all who love and  play the music of the 40’s and beyond.

Our favorite group this year was the ShoeShiners Band from Marseilles. They specialize in the dance music of the 1920-1940’s and they even brought with them a dance group. I wish you could have seen these French dancers dancing the Lindy Hop!  FORMIDABLE!!

And the David Hichen Big Band a group of truly international performers- British, French, Italian, Spanish, all playing full force with the joy of music making!




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