my Expo at Le Tournesol

Le Tournesol (the Sunflower) is a restaurant in Soreze, a charming village five minutes away, that has a single chef/owner who has been there for over 40 years! The restaurant serves lovely traditional food at moderate prices and I have taken my workshop groups there for several years. Gigi exhibits local artists and the art is beautifully displayed on the old stone walls of the restaurant. There are 5 rooms of wonderful paintings, sculptures and wall pieces.

I am honored to have my first exhibition in France there this summer. I have 5 large fabric collages (approximately 2 ft x 4 ft) and 8 small collages (9″ x 12″).

Each wall hanging has polymer clay embellishments including a brooch that comes off to wear.

Thank you Gigi and to the lovely ladies that have purchased my art this summer- means so much to me! Here’s pictures of a few of the wall hangings.



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