Les Butors

les butors arrive

During the summer in France (and really all the other seasons too) France makes cultural events available to ALL. Most events are free or very nominal and we have seen the best theater, dance and music here.

will she fall in love?

We recently had the pleasure of going to see an amazing  performance of The Butors. It is one of the best things I have ever seen. A combination of theater ,mime and circus.

We drove about a half an hour to the little village Lautrec where Toulouse Lautrec’s family owned a large manor house. Set up outside the village walls were benches and a ferris wheel type construction.

the courtship begins
and goes on and on

Soon a strange man wandered on the set, followed by a wild woman and the play started.  Delightful, laugh out loud funny, poignant, wonderful music and Oh that Ferris wheel- the courtship that ensued was hysterical. I ask you to enjoy the VIDEO on their website along with my pictures!

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