I’ve been cooking alot lately as the food  here is so seductive. The stalls at the Revel market are  filled with fresh fruits and veggies and even the supermarkets inspire me to try new recipes. I also buy a couple French food magazines- not only for the beautiful pictures and relatively easy recipes- but it’s a way for me to learn new French words- like bouillir- to boil- and tranche- slice- and  potiron- pumpkin.

My two fave mags are the French Saveur and one called Regal.

Tarts are my thing so far this summer. You can buy prepared crusts that are outstanding!  Different ones for sweet tarts, savory tarts, pizzas, puff pastry and filo. They are so inexpensive and delicious. You just roll out and place in one of the large French-style tart pans and fill with your imagination.

Favorites so far this year have been:

An Almond/Raspberry Tarte

Cherry Crumble Tarte

Zucchini and Boursin Tarte

Chorizo, Red Pepper and Goat Cheese Tarte

and Grilled Eggplant and Parmesan


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