Village Festival

our street- Rue des Martineurs- street of the Copper Beaters
Susi and I waiting for kids for Pate du sel

This past Sunday our village had the first annual Fete de L’eau Water Festival). Water has been very important to this village. There is the river Sor which runs alongside the village and at one time had 14 copper mills along it. The small waterways running down the three village streets served as part of the process in the copper ateliers that lined these streets (now houses!)


me waiting-reaching for my team mate during the water relay
floral sculptures in the river Sor
setting up for the dinner

The day of the festival, a friend and I ran the crafts table for kids. We made salt dough sculptures- called Pate du Sel in French. There was also simple boat building for kids, painting on the streets, a  water relay with teams carrying trays of glasses with water thru an obstacle course, boat races down the waterway, fishing, flower sculpture in the river and a wonderful dinner in the street for 120 people, followed by a dance into the wee hours of the morning. The French definitely know how to relax,enjoy and savor the sweet moments like this.

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