Jazz in Pertuis

The summers in France are filled with tons of music, dance and theater festivals. Most are sponsored by the French government- the regional departments in France sponsor these festivals all year long and especially in the summer months. Most are gratuit- free- and the ones that aren’t are generally very low priced.

We attend as many as we can! Some are in churches or community centers, many are in the central plaza of the village or town and many are in front of old chateaus and crumbling ruins lending an especially dramatic air to the concert.

pertuisOne of our favorites takes place in Provence in the town of Pertuis– just north of Aix en Provence. We drove there last weekend for two nights of concerts. jazzGreat jazz and big band! There are two concerts every night. A new young jazz band at 7:30 – 9PM (the next generation of jazz I would say and they were extraordinaire) and then the headliner from 9:30 to midnight.

This year we saw four groups- all were amazing.:

two young jazz groups: Bastien Ballaz Quartet and Oliver LaLauze Sextet. Both from France

and the two headliners were:

Lutz Krajenski Big Band  from Germany (my favorite- ah-mazing!) and the L. Mignard Duke Orchestra from France- specializing in the music of Duke Ellington.

A wonderful weekend!



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