off to Bordeaux

bordeauxThe International Polymer Clay Association is having our conference in Bordeaux this summer. I’m a train ride away so will hop the train in Toulouse on Saturday morning to attend this gathering of wonderful artists. There will be daily seminars and gatherings for talks on special subjects.

This will be interesting to me as there will be an European perspective on our art from. The last Synergy I attended was in the US several years ago. From what I read and see there is huge energy and exciting work being made by the artists in Europe in polymer clay.  I’ll report on the event next post.

Been a very busy and fun week. We had our annual Tchatchason festival last Saturday. This is a festival celebrating poetry, storytelling and song.

Five of us here in the village volunteered to help the festival chef all afternoon. Great fun and interesting. The meal was roasted lamb- a Méchoui- which is an Arab word meaning roast and it is given especially to whole lamb cooked outdoors on a spit over a charcoal or wood fire. We also made a rice salad filled with roasted veggies, couscous  and fresh peaches for dessert.  About 120 people attended the festival dinner so you can imagine how much chopping we did!

rajiThe evening event with Raji was the highlight of the festival. He is a very special dancer- you can look at a video on his Facebook page or You Tube. The room was spread with 4 inches of white feathers and as he danced and twirled the effect was magical.

This will be a short post today and I’ll make up for it next week.

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