The Sunday Flea Markets

setting up for the vide grenier

On Sundays, during my art  workshop (and every other Sunday to be honest) is a day for exploring the French flea markets. As an added benefit- it’s also a way to discover and explore new villages.

have to take a coffee break while setting up!!

Most village/towns/cities have at least one annual flea market. Anyone that lives in the village  is given a free space to show their wares. If there are empty spaces then professional antique dealers can rent those spaces.

good stuff at the Lautrec village vide grenier

In France these markets are called Vide Greniers which literally means “empty the attic”.  In our part of France wonderful treasures can still be found at incredibly low prices. The Paris flea markets are of course amazing- but I think our country flea markets have the best bargains. I never spend more than 20Euros and usually come back home with lots of treasures.

hmmmnnn can’t remember which village but good treasures

Each year I like to focus on hunting for a particular treasure (tho many other things may catch my eye). One year- antique buttons, one year old linens, one year antique metal parts– keys, drawer pulls, ancient locks and all kind of brass and silver goodies. This year- maybe small pitchers or perfume bottles.


There’s junk too- the vide greniers are not antique fairs- it truly is an “empty the attic”.  So there are children’s toys, records and tapes, old postcards and magazines, cookbooks and my summer wardrobe is made up of great finds at these fairs.  My 1E wardrobe is quite wonderful!!

Our village Vide Grenier  is this Sunday– last year about 7000 people came!


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