Strawberry season

under the central square in Revel built 1342

Each Saturday at the Revel Saturday market, I look for what special seasonal fruits and veggies have arrived.  Underneath the roof of the central square (built in 1342) the smaller farmers sell the fruits of their labor. Right now beautiful berries have arrived. Strawberries first. Cherries are just starting in now too.

groseilles and ???

Then groseilles (red and black currants.)

My favorite strawberries- so far this year- are the Fraises des Bois– wild strawberries ( of the woods). These berries are small, sweet and aromatic- absolutely delish.

our strawberry patch

We are growing strawberries too in our garden- but another variety. Last year they took over almost one whole raised bed so this year we are replanting them in a hanging system made with a gutter. Pictures after the project is made!!

Back to the strawberries. I just made a delicious and so easy ice cream with the fresh strawberries. You’ll need a small ice cream maker- I love our Donvier. We’ve had it for years. You can order HERE. I’m sure any brand will work tho. Or go HERE to learn how to make icecream without an icecream maker! By the way David Lebovitz is one of my favorite bloggers and his cookbook My Paris Kitchen is superb.

Anyway- what I did-I made  a combination of cream and coconut milk. Then added the fresh berries and their juices. Before I added the berries I “softened” them. You can sprinkle a little sugar on to release the juices or put in the oven for a few minutes- “roast” them a little so to speak. I added a bit of sugar (or honey) and a little vanilla until I liked the balance of sweet and “fruity”.

Then into the machine and Voila! I just checked my camera and it looks like we ate it before I snapped a picture. On to make more this weekend!




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