a joyful time

la cascadeA week ago my workshop ladies arrived for a week at La Cascade. I’m always a little nervous going to the airport to greet them- some are returning for another workshop with me and some are brand new and all have taken a leap of faith to be with me here in France. That means so much to me! I could not have asked for a nicer, more joyful, generous group of adventurous ladies. I had such a wonderful time with them, laughed so much, shared stories, saw inspirational sights and of course picked up many treasures at the Vide Grenier (flea market) and on our field trips.

shutter holders in DurfortWe started off the week visiting our neighbor villages of Soreze and Revel. Great photo ops- unique doorknockers, lovely window boxes of flowers, fountains, visit to the fabric store. And that afternoon we made a handmade journal called an Idea Collector. All  were completely different and reflected the imagination of each artist. AND beautiful.

revel marketsummer berriesFR8Saturday we headed to the renowned Saturday market in Revel where there are goodies- food and clothes and linens and shoes and purses and…….- to photograph and buy. It’s one of the best regional markets in France and is an authentic experience of shopping in France..

gigi-chefSaturday night was our night at the the beautiful restaurant- Le Tounesol. This restaurant- which features local artists on all the walls- is owned and “cheffed” by my friend Gigi- who has been making exquisite food there for the last 40 years!!

flea marketSunday was our day to shop the flea market in a nearby town- Caraman. It’s one of the biggest and best and everyone came back with treasures that we all lusted over. I found, in addition to a cool antique tray, three cute blouses. Other treasures found by the gals included an antique door knocker, old keys, cooper pots, old postcards and books and many other vintage treasures.

albi cathedralalbi cathedralOne last field trip was to Albi- home of the Toulouse Lautrec Museum, a jaw-dropping cathedral and great shopping.

Now you may be thinking- when did we all make art?? We had instructed studio time every day and Open studio at night and there were beautiful works of art made- handmade books with several different book structures, lovely jewelery and whimsical art dolls topped off the week.

To all the lovely ladies- Colleen, Kerry, Beverlee, Nan, Linda, Yvonne, Gail, Sammie and Ruth!- I had  such a blast with you all. The week flew by. You are all so inspirational, smart, fun, funny! and a joy to be with. Merci!!

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  1. Bon jour Dayle, Thank you for a wonderful experience. I had a blast and I am sure so did everyone else. In ever location, the French people met us with warmth and smiles. Except for one shop owner, they all spoke enough English that I had no trouble shopping. The countryside was breath taking. The village of Durfort is so charming that it just captures your imagintion. I encourge anyone thinking of taking Dayle’s class to do so. The adventure is worth it. I am already planning on returning in 2017. Hopefully I will speak better French. Merci Dayle for being so gracious to me and sharing your world.

    1. Dear Sammie, thanks for bringing your energy and lovely generosity to the group. It was great to share our special part of France with you. And singing Kareoke with you is something that I will not forget!!! I’m looking forward to 2017! xo

  2. I had the most wonderful time with you and everyone else. I was happy to see that everyone meshed well in personalities and talents. LOVED your class (as always)…such an inspiration. I especially loved the bookmaking skills I now have in my “pocket” that were totally new. My favorite is the star “VW” book that I will add a cover to soon.
    Thank you for a most enjoyable experience. I do hope to travel back again one day soon.

    1. Dear Linda, so wonderful to have your joyful positive spirit with me for a whole week and in France!! And thank you also for all the extra good tips you shared with the class and for bringing air dry clay into the mix too. I’m looking forward to the next time we are together- xo

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