On Retreat

indexI’ve been so grateful for the last couple weeks to have some personal studio time. It’s my first “free to explore” time all year (very hard for me to believe but true)and I was beginning to feel that maybe my muse was gone and that I would never have the desire to “make things” again. It did feel that way.

I packed a bag with lots of art supplies (within reason) and hoped that my muse/ spark/inspiration to make some kind of art would resurface, First day of the retreat I mixed a new color palette. This is a way I like to slip into creative mode without too much pressure. I made a palette of new colors- neutrals, a few metallics, and rich jewel tones- about 45 small “plum” size balls of polymer clay.It was fun and enjoyable to see the palette take shape.

The biggest “Spark” for me was the book I brought to read. Early every morning, along with my cup of coffee, I read several pages of a book I bought a few months ago and had not had time to even open it.

Kaffe Fasset: Dreaming in Color: An Autobiography

Fassett_rugs_KF06rugIt’s wonderful! Not only a very good read about his unbelievable life (I’m about half-way through) but also a visual feast for the eyes. It wasn’t long before I was making notes about color combinations and drawing shapes for ideas to pursue. This book is  a “gift of inspiration” to me and I highly recommend it!


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