Summer’s end

france-07 558Definitley fall is on its way. The days are still long and lovely (still doesn’t get dark til 9 PM) but much cooler in the mornings and evenings. The sunflowers- which were quite late this year because of such a wet spring- have dropped their heads and are awaiting harvest. The rolling hills of our countryisde are now shades of gold and brown with just a bit of green. It’s beautiful.

The fall season at LaCascade opened last week and I hosted the group of ladies that came with their fearless leader Dawn Sherrill. What a great group of fun ladies. Dawn did a great job of combining wine tastings, vide greniers(the flea markets) and they made gorgeous jewlery from things they  found at the flea market-lovely old chains, medallions, chandelier peices.

fabric design book_I’m  enjoying an art book I brought with me. It’s from 1986 but well worth looking for. The Textile Design Book by Karin Jerstorp. I’m not interested in designing textiles, but it an interesting and informative book for different ways of thinking about design. I do one of the exercises everyday in my journal. It’s the little bit of art I’ve managed to do consistently this summer.

PS It’s at Amazon under the title Fabric design Book-  Here

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