Summer Festivals

carcassI’ve had a few days off and am enjoying the summer weather- which finally came about a week or so ago! Summer is also the time that there are a cornucopia of Music Dance and Theater festivals in southern France. And most of them are free to the public,  sponsored by the French government and the regional departments. And boy! do they do it well. On any given night, within an hours drive or less,  are several events to choose from. The level of artistry- wherther it be classical, jazz, opera, theater or dance is very high.

bejartLast Friday we drove to Carcassonne- an beautiful double walled village about an hour from here. After a dinner of cassoulet, we saw the Bejart Ballet from Lausanne. It was a magical experience. The backdrop was the ancient walls suroounding the castle. The dancers were magnificent and I saw the most intense  Rite of Spring (Stravinsky) that I have ever seen. Magical!

indexLast night we drvee to the Abbaye St Papoul to hear the Vivaldi’s Four Seasons played in the ancient church. The acoustics were exquisite and the church is being slowly refurbished. Frescoes and gold leaf abound on the walls. The group was made up of students chosen from the Fench music schools in southern France. They will play in several abbey churches all summer long.

Next week I welcome a new group along with my co-teacher Suzanne Jenne!

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