Settling in to La Belle France

I’ve been planting the terrace and front flower boxes and getting La Cascade all bright and pretty to welcome the first workshop (taught by Mary Beth Shaw)- they arrive next week and I am really looking forward to sharing our wonderful village and area with all those coming this summer!

Our village had a tough winter. Durfort has been making copper ware since the Middle Ages (and still does even today) and we have unique streams that run down the middle of the street  The houses that line the streets were once copper ateliers and the little streams were used in the copper making process (for quenching etc). This winter these small streams froze and were covered my snow- highly unusual- and the result has been plumbing problems for our village. All is fine now but it’s been an experience dealing with french plumbers! (who have been the busiest tradesmen this spring!)

The big Saturday market is full of strawberries and cherries right now and I made the most delicious scones- fresh cherry and crystallized ginger. If you’d like the recipe (it’s easy) just get in touch with me here or email.

My art-making has been on hold in any serious way, but I have been doing a daily sketch and a daily photograph. My sketches are REALLY rusty so I’ll wait a few more days before I show them. I’m following a free photo tips course offered by David Peterson and finding it really interesting and helpful.

I’ll be posting weekly here on France adventures so please do check in when you can.



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