Change is in the air

It’s been a week of many transitions. I got home from a great week in NM and am now in hunting, gathering, organizing and packing mode for France. I can’t believe that we are into May and this means time to go to France.

I’ll be hosting workshops at La Cascade in June (and will write about them then) and teaching my own three workshops in the month of July. Please do join me here on this page for what is going on in our beautiful French village and this charming, exquisite area of France. I’ll write weekly starting June 1 of our adventures.

My other transition was made possible by Barbara Forbes Lyons who transferred, updated, and made better (including FINALLY, my comments work!) my website from old non-working server (shall remain nameless) to hers. Thank you Lyons Digital Media – You helped me is so many ways- above and beyond.


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