At Maureen's in Minnesota!

It’s autumn (and a bit of winter- in the 20’s last night) here in sweet Jordan MN where I am teaching a six day workshop at Maureen Carlson’s  lovley retreat center. We’ve come together to explore Creative Sparks and to make art!

This workshop has been very exciting to me as it puts into practice what I have been exploring for the last couple years. How we get inspired and how our hands take the next step. And how our hearts, minds and hands work together to make art.

At Synergy (the International Polymer Clay Conferences- 2008 and 2010) I gave seminars on this subject- Creative Sparks and From Seed to Blossom.  Soooo…. this week has been very special to work with a group over several days and put into practice  some of these ideas. Thank you ladies!

We’ve been having fun making jewelry, books and art dolls. And deeply thinking about inspiration and influences, thinking about new ways of working, developing new ideas that might lead to a production line or exhibition piece.I’ve been in experimenting mode working on new flower designs.

I hope you will join me in a workshop in 2012 (schedule will be on this site SOON) and for your own taste of Creative Sparks, please look at my book ( by myself and Cynthia Tinapple ) at– then type my name in the search box for a 15-page preview.