Restaurant Row

Some of you may remember the progressive-style dinners of the past. I can remember my parents having them in the cul-de-sac of our suburban neighborhood. Each house was responsible for one of the courses ending with drinks and dancing at our house. I can see me in the hallway spying on my parents and their friends as they danced in our living room where the furniture had been moved earlier in the day.

This last week, here in Durfort, France, we had a number of wonderful cooks on our street- either permanent residents or visitors. I decided it would be fun to do a progressive dinner and I called it Restaurant Row on Rue des Martineurs.

Our apero ( cocktail party) was held at the town fountain- a lovely little shaded area with our town fountain that constantly spurts the most delicious tasting pure water for miles around. Nese- the chef for my workshops here in France  had prepared a lovely samosa style “nibblie” which we called nesmosas- and a bevy of different drinks.

From there we walked up our street to Ann and Peters for the Entree (starter). Inside the silk studio where Ann works was a large table (there were 10 of us) beautifully set for the first  course. Peter’s homemade bread spread with a tapenade and roasted tomato,  followed by homemade pesto (made by Peter and Ann from basil grown in our garden). Delicious!

We then walked down the street to la Cascade ( the artist retreat house where I hold my workshops) where Gwen and Leo had prepared the Main Course. A gorgeous Chicken Marbella along with couscous and roasted red peppers. Divine!

Next stop was  Christopher and Bill’s- our friends from CA who are renting a house on our street. They had just arrived and we were so happy they could join us. They served a gorgeous selection of Cheeses along with ripe green grapes and fresh bread. My fave was a creamy Reblochon- perfectly ripe.

We finished up our evening with Dessert, cafe and liqueurs hosted by Dan and me. I made an icecream dessert of vanilla ice cream and cassis (black currant)  sorbet mixed with fresh raspberries and little bits of crunchy french meringues. Then refrozen and cut into slices.  Finished off with coffee and chocolate and Frangelico (hazelnut liqueur) and Get. Get is a mint- flovored liqueur which the area is known for.

No dancing that night ( too full of food and wine )but a kazoo orchestra- we played six tunes starting with Food Fabulous Food! and ending with I like Coffee I like Tea! Great fun and a nice finish to my summer here.

A l’ete prochaine!