A Village Tradition

Here in our small village of 300 there use to be lots of village parties. As people lives get busier (tho the pace of life here is a snail’s pace compared to the US) it’s harder to find those times to gather all together.  Recently tho the tradition has been revived!

Last Thursday night our dear friends (and the hearts of our village) Ann and Peter threw an apero for the village. An apero is short for aperitif- a gathering for conversation, wine or aperitifs(like kirs, muscats) and little nibblies- cheese, crackers, olives etc.  In front of Ann and Peter’s house is Place de Sol– a wide open spot surrounded by trees and a small pond.  The pond is part of our unique waterways that run down the center of our village street.  Beside looking beautiful- they served as part of the copper making process years ago when all these homes were copper studios.

Now this “pond” serves as a way to chill wine, beer and other drinks!  We had two table of gorgeous food contributed by the villagers- a feast, not just nibblies.  Peter had hired a local accordionist to play for the party and he and I danced a wild waltz.  French, British, American, Irish, all gathered to chat together in whatever language they could (including pantomime- my universal language).  Six of us got up to form an impromptu kazoo orchestra as the accordionist played When the Saints Come Marching In and Roll out the Barrell.

Everyone agreed the tradition of the village party must continue from now on.