Food Wine and Art!

We had a most wonderful week shared by extraordinary women.  Nese, (our chef), Gwen, (who shares the magic of  La Cascade with us), Mary, Cynthia, Laurie, Lynda, Beverlee, Tricia and Joan.  My heartfelt “Merci’s”  for making this week really a special experience.

Our week was a great mix of making food, making art, making trips to special places, making new friends and making magic! We visited the Saturday market in Revel, each with 10E to spend on whatever called to us and then had a grand feast and picnic up at the lake.

Our vide grenier (flea market) excursion took us to the Maxi- Vide Grenier at Les Cammazes- a small village close to here, where I found an old large copper pot and a set of beautiful brass dessert forks and spoons adorned with carved roses.

In the kitchen we made an array of dishes- pates and other appetizers, fondant du chocolate, fresh pear cake, tagine, fresh brioche and other delights. And of course tried several ( and I do mean several) of the local wines!

In the studio we made a handmade menu book and several pieces of jewelry- pendants, earrings and brooches.

It was a grand week with special women and I hope we’ll all continue to be in touch and share our  cooking experiences with each other and I look forward to a reunion in the future! PS Thanks to Mary for the photo of Nese and myself!