Le Tournesol (the Sunflower)

This weeks workshop has just flown by.  We had perfect weather- our one tiny bit of rain hit studio time so we were all snuggled that morning in the studio creating art. One of the highlights of our week was our meal at the restaurant Le Tournesol (Turn to the Sun , Sunflower).

Gigi has been the chef/owner of this exquisite restaurant in the village of Soreze for 40 years! I was stunned when I found this out. The restaurant’s stone  walls are covered by the art work of local artists that Gigi handpicks. Very inspiring and unusual art.

Our night out happened to fall on her birthday.  I wrapped up one of my brooches that I hoped she would like and my workshop gals, along with our friends Ann and Peter, practiced a famous French  song called Le Tournesol. Our  plan was to sing it to her in the  restaurant!  I have to say that even after just one brief rehearsal, we sounded pretty darn good.

We arrived at Le Tournesol all dressed and looking gorgeous and Gigi greeted us at the door.  She loved the brooch and offered us an aperitif – most of us chose “my  favorite new drink”, white port- Porto Blanc. Our meal was just wonderful.

Gigi came to the table after our dessert and we sang Bonne Anniversaire and Le Tournesol. She sat down with us and truly seemed to enjoy this small American celebration of her special day.  As she left she told us to wait as she had something special.  In a few minutes a tray was brought out with a small boule (ball) of rose basil sorbet for each of us- it was divine. A special and  fantastique night

Go here to see several pics of the restaurant and Gigi.

“Merci’s for a wonderful week” to Christie, Jeanne, Diane F., Diane S., Amy, Laura, Carol, Lois and Marianne.  I miss you all!