Les Vide Greniers

Almost every village in our region has a yearly flea market- called a Vide Grenier (translates as Empty the Attic). The residents of the village set up tables in front of their houses and the event is fleshed out with professional antique dealers also.  It is a most wonderful place to find true French antique bargains. From what I hear, in comparison to the big Paris  flea markets, our flea markets are more reasonably priced with many authentic treasures.

Sunday mornings are devoted to treasure hunting, and since every week there is a different flea market, it is a way to explore the many charming villages in the countryside.  About 9AM we take off through the rolling hills of hay, corn and endless sunflowers to hit one, if not two or three vide greniers.

We arrive, scramble for parking and then walk into the village. From there it’s a slow dash (you don’t want to miss anything but want to find the best treasures!)  So far I haven’t seen any fights break out between my workshop participants! When we get home we each set up a little “shop” in the salon (living room) and show each other what we found. “I didn’t see those!”  “Where did you find that?” “Ohhhhh I am so envious of that!”

Many of our treasures find their way into the art we are making this week.