My Top 10 Ways to get myself into the studio and working

  1. Leave some non-creative task unfinished from the day before- gluing on pin backs, hanging earrings on display cards
  2. Do a simple line drawing of something in my studio (a bowl, a flower) during the first ten minutes I am there
  3. Take an object (vase, small figurine) and photograph it in my studio in a new environment when I first arrive
  4. Lay out a selection of fabrics, polymer clay, collage papers on my studio desk the night before
  5. Choose and lay out a page from one of my idea journals on my studio desk the night before to contemplate as soon as I arrive
  6. Lay out a selection of paint chips for inspiration for a new color palette for that day’s work
  7. Collect pictures from a magazine and arrange by color or texture for inspiration for new ideas
  8. Set aside first half hour to look at a magazine or book for pleasure- ideas will follow!
  9. Set a deadline -self-imposed- to get working
  10. Have a chocolate chip cookie waiting on my work desk

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