As you may have been aware,  I have been working on these pesky brooches since November.  I started with a burst of energy, then completely deflated when I hit a place where I just hated what they looked like.  After a brief break in December I started up again.  It’s been a frustrating, challenging, inspiring journey in persevering on these.  I have posted several times in the past couple months about the highs (few) and lows (many) of making the brooches- (you’ll have to go back a few posts).

it has been such an interesting process.  Some friends and colleagues suggested I just “move on”.  I thought about that believe me, as I was at such a standstill or at most, inching along.

But I hated the idea of leaving the brooches in their sad and unresolved state.  So I continued little by little.  I think I’ll save my thoughts on the actual process that started finally working and what I learned for next time.  In the meantime I will start to show you some of the work.  Here’s one.

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