Homework-Anthropomorphic Pots

My life this week revolved around my homework for this class I am taking on Experimental Water Media.  If you remember from a previous post- I am very much liking the class- inspirational, talented artists in the class, interesting assignments.  The main problem is, I don’t paint! So it has been a challenge.

Our homework this week was to explore different treatments of paper and how they react to different water media.  Within our theme- remember, mine is Vessels.

I did a large triptych- each panel is 8×10″ and treated the vessels paintings three different ways.

One vessel was crumpled brown bag with water soluble oil pastels pushed into all the cracks and crevices and then ironed flat (looks like leather).

One was watered down acrylic paints applied and pushed into Tyvek (looks like marble)

And the final was patina product applied to watercolor paper.  Looks great!

I also made a polymer clay mask for each pot.  Here is Patina Pot.

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